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Local Government Supporting Partner

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Welcome to the Arboricultural Association of Western Australia


The collective voice of the Arboriculture industry in WA supported by individual members with the purpose of educating and sharing leading edge information and worldwide Arboriculture best practices. 

Our vision is to promote and preserve tree canopy cover and enhance ecological communities to ensure a healthy co-existence with people and nature for the sustainability of future generations.


Why local government should partner with ArbWest 

Local government partners can now get a 10% discount to all educational seminars presented by ArbWest. The seminars are popular with LGAs as they educate and promote correct modern pruning techniques, safety, risk management along with new and emerging Arboriculture techniques from around the nation and across the world.


“Correct tree selection and soil awareness are other important aspects of growing trees in our WA climate, and we will tell you all about it at our upcoming seminar in July”, said ArbWest President Royce Turner (pictured above right, with Riki Peterson, winner of the WA Tree Climbing Championships 2024).


Your assistance is needed – for future generations

ArbWest are wanting more local authorities to sign up as a Supporting Partner to assist the association in its various endeavours to promote the use of professionally trained Trade certified Arborists to the public, industry and other agencies for their tree management requirements (not tree loppers). ArbWest is also looking for assistance in promoting the retention and increase of canopy coverage within our urban environment through correct Arboricultural practices, management, and advice via professionally Trade certified Arborists.


“As a Supporting Partner, you will receive a discount on all our seminars and workshops, you will receive industry updates and alerts, our biannual newsletter, as well as invitations to annual functions etc,” said Royce Turner.


ArbWest is the official association for professional Trade certified Arborists operating in WA and the voice of the industry to state industry and national departments. All members are vetted to ensure compliance with adequate insurance coverage, Arboricultural certification, powerline certification / insurance (if applicable) and professional indemnity insurance for consulting businesses.   ArbWest is already partnering with local government agencies and bodies and recently organised the largest tree climbing competition held in the nation, ArbFest 2024 in partnership with the City of Bayswater. 

See the official video here:


Please see our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn posts to keep up to date on all things Arboriculture in WA.  


To discuss becoming a Supporting Partner, please email or call 0439 058 340

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